October 1st

So this morning we were getting ready for school and Lincoln decided to have a fight with the toilet paper holder. I was brushing my teeth and he walked in with his waffle and wanted to give it to me...which was odd. He never gives up food. He tripped on the rug in the bathroom and his eye fell right on top of the toilet paper holder. So of course...Lucy and I both start crying and Link was beside himself as well. Blood was coming from every which way out of his eye. Lucy and I were dressed and ready to go so we ran upstairs to our neighbors and thank goodness they were home. Wibke who is a nurse calmed me down. They are the BEST ever. She kept Lucy and her husband drove Link and I to the hospital.
We went to the specialty clinic for ear, nose, throat, basically any head injury. Andreas is german and got us right in. He helped me fill out paperwork, get me to the right place, and calm me down.
What an experience. Maybe I will learn a little german now. Just to walk into someplace and know absolutley nothing or what anything says is quite a shock. I thought I could handle being here. No, I can. It's going better.
Oh, I forgot to mention that Nick is out of town until tomorrow as well. Oh my!
First, the resident saw us and I don't think she likes kids. She was interesting. Then we had to wait for an hour or so and the professor saw us.
Lincoln can see...thank god. But he has some blood in the white of his eye and we have to watch for that to see if it will get worse. We have to go back next week and they will have to do another exam.
It was scary because he was telling me the worst case scenarios and I really didn't want to hear all that. I just wanted to know that he can see. So pray that it will just get better.
Then, the head of the department was saying that the little guy is going to need some glasses...so we will have to be watching out for that.
So, what a crazy morning. This little guy never gets a break. One thing after another with him. I guess...thats what life is all about?
I hope everyone has a good rest of the week.

So here is the toilet paper holder with Lincoln's waffle laying right next to it. I couldn't help but laugh when we got home. This is the last time I will see this holder. Off to the garbage!!

Happy Halloween

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Well I am a mother of 2 kiddos. Lucy is 4 and Lincoln is 2. They are on the go ALL the time. By time Nick gets home from work, I am ready for bed. We are here in Germany for a year with Nick's work. It's going well. I am trying to enjoy the time we have here. There is so much to see and do and so much to take in. I thought I would do this blog so everyone could take a minute to see how we are!