Happy fall to ya'll! Just wanted to share some fun pictures that I've taken in the last couple weeks. Lucy is loving 3rd grade and enjoys going to school! It's a miracle. It only took 5 years for her to finally like it:) She is playing soccer and dad is her coach. She thinks because of this, she should play whatever position she wants:) Lincoln has ALWAYS loved going. I have to share a video as soon as I can figure out how to put it up here. He can write his name by himself!! I watched it 100 times today and cried tears of joy each time! He plays baseball for Miracle League and is loving that. Well, he loves to bat and run the bases. Outfield gets a little boring for him. It does for every kid right? Noah, well he's giving me a run for my money:) He's a little stinker. He's always looking for ways to find trouble! We had Lincoln's class pet, Squirt last weekend and the kids LOVE him! We bathed him, clipped his nails, and took him on a walk. They even wanted to "jump" on the trampoline with him! He brought us ao much joy. Hope all is well. Hugs to all. The Novotnys


Summer 2012

As we close in on another summer, we are very thankful for our health, friendships, loving family, and each other. We had a great summer with a full list of activities. Swimming everyday, traveling to Iowa, weddings, and lounging around home. Lucy has been a big help with her brothers and has enjoyed shopping and spending time with grandma. Lincoln lost his first baby tooth and was SO VERY proud. He got a Darth Vader mask and wears it everywhere. And little Noah is all potty trained. What an accomplishment. He loves to imitate his big brother and catches on so fast. We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is getting into the school mode!!! We are TRYING here. School will start on August 27 and Lucy will be in 3rd, Lincoln will be in 1st, and Noah will stay with mommy:) Hugs to all and we miss you! Love, the Novotny Crew


Lucy 8 and spring fun

Well hello world!!! My oh how time flies. Lucy has turned 8, NOah is starting to talk more and more and Lincoln is growing everyday in school~! He loves going and was depressed over Spring Break.
Anyway--Lucy turned 8 last month and had a Taylor Swift party with her cousins. We had a great time. We are all doing well and waiting for Lucy to make her First Holy Communion. She has prepared all year and I am so proud of the young little lady she is becoming!
Just wanted to share a few pictures of the beautiful bluebonnets (Texas state flower). There are fields of them and they sure are GORGEOUS!!
I hope everyone is doing well and we think of our friends and family ALL the time! We love you guys! The Novotnys

Happy Halloween

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Well I am a mother of 2 kiddos. Lucy is 4 and Lincoln is 2. They are on the go ALL the time. By time Nick gets home from work, I am ready for bed. We are here in Germany for a year with Nick's work. It's going well. I am trying to enjoy the time we have here. There is so much to see and do and so much to take in. I thought I would do this blog so everyone could take a minute to see how we are!