Strasboug, France

The French border is only a couple hours from here so we went into France and I was expecting at the border to pull your car over and have it inspected and I even asked Nick if there was a place to park your car and walk across. Not so much. There wasn't even an area to pull over. No border patrol...really. The colored structure that I took a picture of was where we entered France. It was a beautiful little town...minus the RAIN! I guess you can't let that stop you from doing anything here.
When we got home we asked Lucy what her favorite part of the day was and we were expecting to hear the candy store or jumping in all the water puddles. Nope...it was eating at McDonalds. How wonderful. Here we are exploring Europe and the BEST is eating there. Nick and I's favorite part was visiting the cathedral there. It is the Cathedral of Notre Dame and oh my. It was breath taking. It was pretty dark in there so we didn't get very good pictures. Lucy and Nick lit a candle for baby Brecken and then we said a prayer for all our friends and family. We even got to experience mass in french.
Overall, this was a great place. It was nice to hear another language and see all the great little shops along the river.
What a great weekend we had!!

The Weekend

The name of the place we went to today was Heilingenberg which is in Heidelberg. It was such a beautiful day to go compared to the following post I will put up.
It is up in the hills on the north side of the Nekar and we treked it up to the top!
The amphitheatre held up to 20,000 during a nazi-era rally in 1936.
We then moved on to the St. Michael Basilica ruins. These ruins date back to the
800s! Lucy ejoyed climbing the walls around. What a wonderful place to go and see!

Happy Halloween

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