Prayers from all my blogger buddies!

Hello to all. I wasn't going to write about this because I thought this would get better a LONG time ago...and it's not.
Lucy started school loving it and it's gone down hill ever since. I just picture her running into school, taking her jacket off, and eager to learn. Not here.
There are 4 girls in her class and she is the new one. The other ones have known each other for a long time. She is the new girl and knows LITTLE german. They speak english in school and then on the playground they speak german to each other. She asks them to play and they tell her no. The teachers are well aware of this issue and really aren't doing anything about it.
The other night Lucy went to be saying that she doesn't want to go to school and I asked her why and she told Nick and I "because nobody likes me." Now you talk about a knife through your heart. It was then.
I've talked to the other moms and they always want to have Lucy over for a playdate but Lucy doesn't want to go over to anyone's house? Can you blame her? I sure can't. I tell her that she will make friends that way and she just tells me that she has friend in Iowa...which is very true but I feel like maybe she's not trying very hard at this either.
They almost bully her and when we drop her off in the morning she will hide behind me. I am losing my mind over this. This is not the Lucy I know.
I know this is just pre-school and she's not in 3rd grade. I realize that things like this are going to happen. Just didn't think at 4 years old. I guess girls aren't very welcoming. I just didn't think at 4 years old.
One girl went as far as to tell her that she couldn't even walk across the street with her after school yesterday and her mom just smiled.
Now, I put her in school for the social part of it and she really isn't getting this. I FOR SURE thought she would make friends by now.
She tells me how school is boring and she's trying really hard to make friends but nobody will play with her. AHHHH.
She's invited to a birthday party this weekend and you really think I want her to go? Heck no. But she is really looking forward to it and I think it's because it's a party! What 4 year old doesn't want to go to a party?
Well anyway, I just wanted everyone to pray for this situation and hope that it will get better. I know it will. It's just very hard to see her like this. Lucy isn't shy. She's like her mom and would make friends with the leaves blowing down the street:)
I will keep you all updated and hopefully the next time I blog about this...it will be GOOD!
I just can't believe such a silly school with silly girls. I guess that girls though?!

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