St. Martin'a Day

Saint Martin of Tours was born around the year 316 in what is now Hungary. When Martin was 15, he became a soldier at his father's insistence. By 18, he was baptized and left the service. He had already secretly dedicated himself to Jesus.
Martin is known around the world for his work with the needy. The most famous legend is on one bitter cold day he was riding his horse through town and came across a beggar. He cut his cloak in half and shared it with the freezing man.
Every year, Germany celebrates this act of kindness and does a "tour" around neighborhoods carrying lanterns and singing german songs.
This is one of the best-loved saints among children in Germany.
Lucy had such a good time learning about this saint and walking around doing this parade. After this was done, I asked her what they were singing in german and she told me. She is learning so quickly and knows more german than I do. She is getting along MUCH better and I couldn't be happier.

This is Mr. Bentgins. He is the principle of Baden and is WONDERFUL with these kiddos. He plays 4 instruments and he walked with us in the parade and played the accoridan!

Here is Lucy with her friends Abby!! I met her mom through MOPS(good network) and then Lucy and Abby became good friends. I brought Abby to school with me and Lucy was SURPRISED to see her!

Lincoln LOVES to come to Lucy's school and pretend he is a big boy and runs around just like he goes there:)

Learning to play piano

Lucy was playing this little piano of Lincoln's and he wanted to play. She wouldn't move so Link just thought he would sit on her lap! Worked pretty well:)

Happy Halloween

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