Missing Morgan and Alex

We will miss tailgating with you guys! We will miss going to "Partee-Zone" and then to Pizza Ranch:) LOL
Anyone need a Camelbak water bottle?
At the Children's Museum
Go Hawks!
Lucy wrote the names all my herself...maybe a little help with the r!
We love reading this book with our uncle Al on the front! Hello to all our cousins!!!!

Lucy sleeps with these everynight! We miss playing Webkins with you guys!
My Litte Pony is the best toy ever!
I miss watching Hannah Montana with Morgan.

I got ready for the day and came out to find Miss Lucy taking pictures of her stuffed animals and a book of her Uncle Al. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was taking pictures of things that her and her couisns played with. Then I asked her why and we started talking about how much we are missing them, along with everyone else at home. So here are the pictures that she took. We love you Morgan and Alex...and Al and Jen as well.

Some fun pictures

This cat who lives outside, but belongs to the neighbors. Lucy wants to bring him back home with her every time we see him. His name is "Willie"(Lucy named him). We bring him snacks and cheese everyday. And "Willie" only has one eye. Lucy says he had surgery on it and it will get better! These jammies are from a friend and Lincoln loves them. I think Lucy loves them more. We have to wear them everynight. And if they are dirty...we have to wash them everyday! It keeps my laundry up!
And the best...Lincoln and Lucy ate Lucky Charms for breakfast this morning and here is what Lincoln's tray looked like before he started eating...

...and here is what Lincoln's tray looked like after he was done eating!! The little stinker.

Being silly

Lucy jumped in the tunnel and called herself a snail. Something I would of never thought of!

And this one is just priceless...

Learning to buckle

So Lucy wanted to teach Lincoln how to buckle his belt on his chair. It was pretty funny how she was instructing him on what to do and when he wouldn't respond she would say "Lincoln, are you listening to me?"

Happy Halloween

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