Noah 2 months

Hello to all. We hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I can't believe school starts here in a month. We sure are enjoying our time swimming, biking (when it's not more than 100 degrees), and eating up our little Noah. He is smiling at familiar faces now, babbling, eating like a champ, and ROLLING! Nick and I were watching a movie lastnight and he went from his belly to his back! We were so excited. He is such a joy to our family. Lucy and Lincoln never get sick of him. Lucy helps with everything and Lincoln is always touching, kissing, poking, or wanting to hold him. It's so much fun.
On Saturday, we recieved a package from our dear friends in Germany. A couple weeks ago, I went to the Christian book store to get a couple dvd's for our journey home from Iowa and I found the BEST present for Noah. It was the Playmobil Noah's Ark. Well guess what the Bluny family sent?!?!?!? The NOAHS ARK! I was more than thrilled. I shed a couple tears because we immediatley put it together and it was PERFECT! I think I was more excited than anyone. Thank you guys for sending it to Noah.
We hope everyone is doing well and we send HUGS to everyone. Take care and enjoy these last couple weeks of summer.
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Well I am a mother of 2 kiddos. Lucy is 4 and Lincoln is 2. They are on the go ALL the time. By time Nick gets home from work, I am ready for bed. We are here in Germany for a year with Nick's work. It's going well. I am trying to enjoy the time we have here. There is so much to see and do and so much to take in. I thought I would do this blog so everyone could take a minute to see how we are!