Our plan for Sunday was to go to a great zoo about an hour or so away! Well, that changed. Lincoln decided he wanted to take a trip to the ER instead. We aren't exactly sure what happened. He went into his room and slammed his door shut and we heard screaming from his room. Well, we thought he pinched his fingers. Not so much. I think he hit his head on the door as he was shutting it.
Anyway--after we got back from visiting the ER, we decided to go to a castle close by and eat some MEXICAN for lunch!! YUMMY! We ended up running into one of Nick's co-workers and his wife and son. We ate and walked to the castle with them. It was a great afternoon. The castle was filled with beautiful landscape, flowers, trees, lakes, great churches and there were even little baby ducks all over. Lucy insisted on taking one home!
We had a great day...minus the unexpected visit.

Bundes Liga game

One of Nick's co-workers had some tickets for a soccer game. Nick bought them and we decided to go and check it out! It was another sunny day and took advantage being outside! No one scored. It was 0-0 but it sure was exciting. People cheering and yelling through the whole game! I kind of felt like I was at a HAWKEYE game. It just got me more excited for football season:)

Kurpfalz park

Nick had the day off last Friday because it was Labor day! The USA is the only country that celebrated Labor Day in Sept. You learn something new everyday.
Anyway--we went to a great park with our neighbors from above! There was so much to do. They had so many different kinds of animals, roller coasters, slides, swings all over. You got the best of everything here! It was a beautiful weekend to be outside so we took advantage!

Happy Halloween

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Well I am a mother of 2 kiddos. Lucy is 4 and Lincoln is 2. They are on the go ALL the time. By time Nick gets home from work, I am ready for bed. We are here in Germany for a year with Nick's work. It's going well. I am trying to enjoy the time we have here. There is so much to see and do and so much to take in. I thought I would do this blog so everyone could take a minute to see how we are!