Fun with my camera!


On Saturday we headed to Rothenburg with out friends Andrea, John, and Henry! It was a gorgeous day to be out!
This is now my new favorite town! It is surrounded by a wall from the midieval times and is one of the most picturesque towns there is. With all the cobblestone and narrow streets, there is always something to look at! Plus, there was wonderful shopping with LOTS of Birkenstock stores(in which we will be going to back for those)!
We had a wonderful time!

This manger scene was in the year-round Christmas store we went into. I payed for my things and turned around and found Lucy saying a little prayer and being thankful for all her friends and mommy and daddy and for the best brother. I wish she would think that ALL the time!

The wall surrounding the town.
The gate going into the town!

Spring HAS sprung!

The other day Lucy and I were waiting for her ride to school and she noticed all the little buds coming up from the flowers. I would of never noticed them if she didn't point them out! Thank God for little ones to point out the little things in life!

Happy Halloween

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