Lucy's school

So I am so bummed out today. 2 weeks ago we walked up to Lucy's school to get her uniforms and take a little tour of the school and meet her teachers. It was wonderful to see where she will be going and the teachers were wonderful. We were chatting with the teachers and they told us that school started Sept. 1. So that was 3 days ago. Well, in an email that went out last week it said that school started Sept. 8 and we thought that we had another week. So I decided to call just to be on the safe side and they said the 8th. Ok. Good. We will see you on the 8th then.
So I checked my email this morning and was informed that school started Monday!! Now, who's on first here. I can't believe that this had happened. So Lucy missed her whole first week of school and I am so sad. I called Nick and as I was freaking out, he told me to settle down. What kind of school is this? I was all worked up that she missed a WHOLE WEEK!
Anyway--I guess we will just go on Monday as if nothing went wrong. What are they going to tell me next that the Christmas program is on Halloween?!!
OK. Guess I'll let you know how Lucy's first day of school went when she already should of been there for a stinkin week!
Peace to all---(and hopefully I'll find peace in myself today)

Happy Halloween

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