Easter weekend

So what more could you ask for? Beautiful weather, the sun shining, friends gathering at your house, your husband surprising you and taking you to a spa for the day? This weekend was great.
Friday we went to a park in Mannheim with some friends and had a picnic. It was GREAT! The kids had a blast running through the fountain and pretending the falling flowers was "snow." Thanks for the great day Shaefers!!!
Saturday Nick SURPRISED me and took me to a spa. He had the sitter all lined up and all. He asked me what this weekend was and I stupidly answered "Easter weekend and we have to get ready for our guests." WRONG. This weekend marked our 10 years of being together as a COUPLE! We got massages and had a great day!
Sunday we went to church, got a few eggs from the bunny, and had friends over for a feast! Everything was great!! Thanks everyone for the AWESOME day! We can all meet again next year...although not in Iowa, there might be snow on the ground!!

I gave the kiddos powder to get the sand off their feet... an easy way, I sure didn't know that. Thanks Kimberly. Well, I should of stayed there while they got the sand off their feet. Instead they decided to throw it all over the brick and play in it! Henry even ran inside to tell his mom and dad that it was "snowing" outside. The things they come up with!

The kids getting ready for the hunt!
This is the new look for men!
Happy Easter everyone! Love, the Novotnys

The "snow" that Joe shook out of the tree!

Happy Halloween

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