Sqeaky clean

So this picture has always brought a smile to my face...

Lucy and Lincoln's friends

Here is Lucy and Tim when we went to Burger King! Lucy was so excited to get chicken nuggets! Here is Lucy, Lincoln, and Sebastian eating lunch at their "kids only" table.

Getting the hang of this

So now all my pictures are out of order but at least you can see our faces. Thanks for all your help Travis!
I am trying to get everything in order! Love you all!

Bad Wimpfen

What we walked to the top of. Nick had Lincoln on his back!
What's a better way to end the day...eis?
Lincoln walking the streets.
An actual "good" family picture. These are hard to come by.

These cookies are great. Not as good as "The Great American Cookie Co." This one says..."My princess" and look who got stuck wearing it!
A view from the top of the castle that we walked up.

So we went to the best town ever this past weekend. The streets were right out of a storybook. The buildings and houses and churches were over 400 years old and it was so neat to see all the old woodwork in the churches. I had a great time. I think we will return this weekend.

It's raining, it's pouring

Lincoln could stay out in the rain all day if you would let him!

The wrecked fort

So while I was in the back switching laundry the other day...I heard Lucy screaming bloody murder and I ran out as if something terrible had just happened...nope. It was just Lincoln tearing down the fort we built with the boxes from moving. I had to laugh and Lucy finally thought it was funny too.

Lincoln's new car

So he loves his new car. These are all over here and so we finally gave in and bought Linky one. Whenever we are at the park...he steals the one that he sees...and we see them all the time!!


Lucy and Lincoln could of jumped all day on this thing. Of course....Lincoln had to do whatever Lucy did.

Happy Halloween

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