Busy month

This past month has been a whirlwind of emotions with all that has been going on. We had a couple visitors come for the weekend so that has been of course... WONDERFUL! Nick's cousin Nicole came from San Fransico for a couple days. And then this past weekend our great friend Lynn, from Iowa came for the weekend. They have helped me SO much with everything around the house, and just being here. My dad passed away on Oct. 9th and I have been in AZ since the 10th. I was very fortunate to get to visit there last month. He wasn't feeling the greatest and was just in terrible pain all day, everyday. He had a heart attack and the Lord called him home on the 9th. I find comfort in knowing that there is NO pain in heaven. I miss him dearly but know that I will meet him again.
The exciting news is that we are excpecting baby #3 in May. Nick and I had our appt. yesterday and everything looked great. What a great thing to look forward to. I haven't been feeling the best...but hopefully I am near the end of that.
I hope everyone is doing well and is enjoying the fall weather. We think of each of you daily. LOVE YOU ALL!

Lynn is here!

Uncle Al and Lincoln sharing a piece of cheese!
Nicole came! She was AWESOME!

The whole Sewell clan
All of grandpa Phil's grandkids!

Happy Halloween

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Well I am a mother of 2 kiddos. Lucy is 4 and Lincoln is 2. They are on the go ALL the time. By time Nick gets home from work, I am ready for bed. We are here in Germany for a year with Nick's work. It's going well. I am trying to enjoy the time we have here. There is so much to see and do and so much to take in. I thought I would do this blog so everyone could take a minute to see how we are!