My niece turns 11 today!! She is such a wonderful little girl and I love to watch her grow up...
Have a wonderful day Morgie and keep on smiling! WE LOVE YOU!!

Spirit Horse Ranch

Lincoln started horseback riding yesterday. There is a program here for special needs children to help stregthen their hips, legs, learn how to follow directions, and give commands to the horses.
Lincoln's lesson starts out by brushing the horse...his horses name is Peter Pan:) Then he helps his teacher saddle the horse. He is turning into such a big boy. I don't have any pictures of him brushing the horse because he just wanted to brush my hair...YIKES. Once he got on the horse he LOVED it. He just kept making the horse sound.
Anyway--just thought I would share a couple pictures of his first day. He will go once a week throughout the year.

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend I left Lucy, Lincoln, and Nick home and had a weekend with my family in AZ. As the plane was landing I felt like I needed to be cleaning up snacks, toys, books, asking around if anyone has a car that my son threw...but it was JUST ME!!! It was great to see them. The last time I saw my mom and dad was when they came to visit us in Germany last July...so it was OVER DUE.
We had a full weekend of fun and laughter. I can't wait to see them again. Love you guys!!

My mom and I shopping!
My niece Keiley and my mom with Butch...the best dog ever.
Kieley and I pretending to sleep:)
>a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_8jmafIWI7go/SqeswI2YgoI/AAAAAAAABvI/iYDSrv7SMUk/s1600-h/Visit+to+AZ+013.jpg"> Out to lunch before I left

I wish there was this store closer to me!!!!
My mom's adorable 1st grade class.

Happy Halloween

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