Neushwanstein Castle

This is my new favorite place and I think we will be doing more than one visit here. This is a castle that King Ludwig II had built in the 1800's. It is located in the Swiss Alps. The Disney castle is based off of this one. It's amazing to see something so beautiful. I was bummed that you couldn't take any pictures of the inside.
Lucy thought that is was so neat that our hotel porch had a great view of the castle. She wanted to bring all the blankets on the porch and sleep there. The only problem was there was this mean black cat that kept jumping on the fence and hanging out by the door!!! I guess it is almost October:)
It is about a 30 minute walk up the hillside to get to it so we decided to take a carriage....let me tell you--I have never seen Lucy's face so lit up than this. I didn't get a picture and I was so mad. But like I said...we will be back here. This was my favorite place.


Emily said...

How impressive! I bet Lucy really felt like a princess! We miss you guys!

Prachar family said...

WOW, that is amazingly beautiful. What a fairy tale trip!

sara said...

Wow - you are so blessed to be spending a year in such a beautiful place! Did you guys sell your Iowa City house? Are you going back to Iowa City in a year? Lucky girl!

Lisa said...

I cannot believe all of the wonderful places that you have been already! Continue to enjoy your time.
love ya

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